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Having been successfully running, and having placed thousands of domestic workers in all aspects of domestic work, we pride ourselves in being the top domestic agency in the country.

We strive to bring professionalism to an industry filled with misconceptions and exploitation, and to a large part, we have succeeded in that. We have developed a reputation, not only where we began, but all over the country, that is synonymous with quality service, superior advice, and of course, staff of the highest calibre.

By no means do we assure that finding somebody to work in your home, close to your family, in your personal life and space is easy, it's not. Because of this, we bring total transparency to all our dealings, with clients and candidates, we don't cut corners, and we don't bend the law. We don't make promises and representations that we can't back up, just to make the deal.

Our placement fee includes a three month warranty, which gives one plenty of time to find the right person, should the initial, or even second choice, not work out, for whatever reason. Commissioning our services is totally free, and should you not find a suitable candidate through us, no fee is payable. Only once we have sourced somebody with whom you are happy, and a job offer made, do we charge. And our service doesn't stop there. From assisting with contracts and registrations, to on-going advice, we remain committed to ensuring a successful placement.

Some prospective employers are reluctant to pay for the sourcing of a domestic worker, especially considering the current rate of unemployment history with madams and their maids, and it is often assumed that finding someone off the road, or a neighbour's-maids’-sister will suffice. From the continual horror stories we hear, from people using our services, we firmly believe that using professionals will cost far less in the long run than a bad placement.

Why use a placement agency?

One of the favourite topics of conversation revolves around domestic workers – how good they are, how bad; shocking stories and urban legends reverberate through book club teas, ladies lunching and dinner parties in the suburbs. Here, at Maid Cleaning Team, we think we have heard them all, until we are bowled over by yet another tale which demonstrates our reliance on the women (and men!) who free up our energies by cooking, cleaning and looking after our children.

Yes, cost is certainly a factor; however, consider the cost of a bad placement, or an untried, untested and worst of all unknown person let loose in your home. At Maid Cleaning Team we have strict selection criteria, taking into consideration the worker's past with special reference to honesty, reliability and attitude as well as domestic skills. Of the approximately 20 people who come into each of the Maid Cleaning Team offices each day, perhaps only 2, or 3 will be registered. 800-294-1090

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